Swansea Housing Association Policy Summary

Lettings Policy Summary

Any person may apply for housing by telephoning the Association or calling in to the office at 11 Wind Street, Swansea or 26 Windsor Road, Neath. We will ask you a number of questions about your housing circumstances and we will need to know your National Insurance Number. Please note that we operate an Equal Opportunities Policy and we welcome applications from all people regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation religion or disability  

• We determine priority between applicants by using a points system. Points are awarded for a number of factors based on your circumstances. These factors are: 

  • No security of tenure – 10 This means that you could lose your home without a Court Order.  
  • Overcrowding – 10/20 Where you do not have enough room to meet your needs. This is measured by the number of bedrooms available for your use  
  • Under –occupation – 10/20 Where you have too much room  
  • Sharing basic amenities – 10 Such as a kitchen or bathroom with another household.  
  • Disrepair -10/20 Where your home is in a poor state of repair  
  • Access to work – 20 Where you have a job and you have difficulty in getting to work from your current home  
  • Affordability – 20 Where your current home is too expensive for your means  
  • Medical problems – 10/20/30 Which are made worse by your current housing circumstances  
  • Any other exceptional circumstances – 10/20/30 Which may be particular to you and which affect your housing  

• If you own your own house or have significant savings, you may still apply, but we will need to know details of the value of your property or any savings to see if you are able to resolve your housing problems by your own means. 

•We will take account of the type of accommodation you want and where you wish to live. If you have sufficient points you will be included on the appropriate waiting list for the areas of your choice. We will advise you of where we have properties and your chances of being housed. 

• We receive more applications for housing than there are vacancies. Consequently we are unable to help a large number of people. This means that if your housing circumstances are not as bad as others you will not be included on our waiting lists. When this happens you will be informed straight away. If you wish, our Housing Manager will review your application to see if it has been treated fairly and correctly.  

• Please note that we may suspend your application if you have previously been evicted or proceedings were started to evict you, by a social landlord, such as another housing association or Council. If you have previously been a tenant of ours and you left owing us money, you will need to repay this or take reasonable steps to repay this before we will re-house you.  

• The information you give should be correct and you may be penalised if we find out that it is false or misleading.  

• We offer up to 50% of our vacancies to nominees of the Local Authority. You should therefore ensure that you are also registered on the Local Authority list.  

• We work with a number of organisations who support vulnerable people with managing their tenancies. If you are currently living in supported accommodation we will re-house you in accordance with the appropriate move-on arrangements from that housing scheme. If you or we feel that you will need support to manage a tenancy we will refer you to the appropriate organisation.  

• We will allocate housing to the most highly pointed applicant on the waiting list for that property and area. We will take account of applicants’ preferences and the needs of the community in making allocations. 

• Where applicants have been awarded the same points, we will allocate the vacancy firstly to the applicant who has a local connection in which the vacancy occurs. Where both applicants have a local connection or no connection has been established we will allocate the vacancy to the earliest application 

• If a vacancy proves to be difficult to let we may allocate to a person who is not the most highly pointed if we consider it the only way to achieve a letting.  

• You may receive two reasonable offers of accommodation. A reasonable offer is one where the property is of the right type and in the area where you have stated that you wish to live.  

• If you are unhappy with the way in which your application has been dealt with you may appeal to our Housing Manager, who will look at your appeal. If you remain unhappy, you may make a further appeal to our Board of Management. If the matter remains unresolved to your satisfaction you may contact the Public Services Ombudsman